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I have much love for Running-Barefoot, she is definitely my sister who knows me…….what lovely pages and a lovely soul.

You created one of the most wonderful sites if not the most wonderful site on the internet. Such a glorious place to be as a creative individual. Some of us have spent years building beautiful websites here. No one seems to be interested in them eh, but yet some of us CREATIVE individuals who share the work of our hearts freely, making no money ourselves are just being pushed out the door. The half answers we received from Monica last week made us look like idiots.
Sir, what you have created has many pages full of beauty and the personalities of people from all walks of life and every corner of the world………… but do we hear from you? No……..silence. Silence speaks and it speaks loudly. This site was once the best thing since sliced bread and it fed the hungry. I personally have many visit my site daily to tell me that they find the words I share to be comforting. I visit sites here of other creative individuals and find great comfort myself. You have created a good thing and now you destroy it without a second thought. You leave in your wake a world full of hungry people who need words of hope and inspiration. Do you care? I would like to know…will you continue to be silent?????????????????

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I tried this method to export my Reviews, it works!!!! Thank you Joost5!

What a beautiful and uplifting blog…………….thank you for this one.

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“Take a number,” someone whispered in the night,” any one
Will do!” and come to think of it, it happened to be true..
They’ll dine in or out or perhaps linger in that long blue
Moment in the atrium, or then again, they’ll take the sun
At midnight or take the stairs and skip the banister. They’ll taste
The wine gone flat; and why not? That is, of course, unless they’ve read the signs

The Fog of Fear: The blinding light of truth and justice, can pierce this fog of fear………..

Absolutely gorgeous poetry weaved as magic from this poet’s pen. Her pages contain art to dazzle your eyes and your senses. A must see and stay for awhile. Thank you Willows0001 for such a beautiful site.

Dear Hannux, your blog is beautiful and I love seeing your smiling face when you visit mine.

Tate Morgan – A beautiful friendship damaged by the hurt of competition and envy. Love can and will conquer all. Time can and will heal the wounds inflicted.

Beautiful poetry of Craig Froman