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No Need to Ask

I have seen love embrace tears of a heart
in winds of clarity,
waiting in the curve of a smile.
It seems sweet lips
serenade with songs breathing pleasure
into tides
of the hardest miles.

I have known a rhyme to climb the mountains
of idle hours reminding me
I was born to create a dream.
One that calls out
softly to you
from the land of my heart’s
compassionate seams.

I have felt the touch of your heart fleeing
its way to safety,
watching distance fade
to a whispered mark.
When I pull it close my own flutters
with no need to ask
if you are my other part.

Copyright *Neva Flores 08/19/2011



A soft image satisfies the deepest sea
found in your eyes
recognized as comfort.
Harmony makes a new wind flow lovingly
into the arms
of old wounds suffered.

Measured out our shores bend
to meet in passion
to taste time’s recurrent goals.
Lighted I talk with my hands
to find balance
shimmering within my soul.

Scenes pass by of places with nowhere to go,
sailing as tributes tired of singing chords
without gain.
Still, I smile magically as if I am bound
to live life uncut
yet emptied of all pain.

Copyright *Neva Flores @08/15/2011


Under the Skies of You

You are all I need,
when you look at me, I am invincible.
Hold me closer,
no need to chase,
more than once you have loved me
under the skies of yourself.

A mere whim would never
change my mind
but you wake me up
when your face
searches for release
in my eyes.

You are to the whole of my being
every moment I place
as precious
with the ink of my pen.

I cannot let a single day go by
without touching the sands
we call ours
when they appear on the shores
of every part of me.

You are all I need,
when you look at me, I am invincible.
Hold me closer, your arms whisper
the rhythm of me.

No need to chase, come and hold me
under the skies of yourself.
I want to linger here
in the love we make.

Copyright *Neva Flores @08/15/2011


While You Held My Heart

Last night you rocked me to sleep
while you held my heart.
You took your place,
looked upon my faded seas,
renewed my thirst for life.
Within all sounds sublime
and oh so sweet
your voice fills the eyes
of my night.
I am turned to take and take
each move of love
you lay
at my feet
never forgetting
a single line
in my hunger.

To hear you call me a creature
with soft sounds
makes me want to let them continue
gliding from my mouth
They tumble as ocean waves
of thought
from my heart and soul
becoming the stars of
heaven’s floor.

Copyright *Neva Flores 08/14/2011


Filling the Emptiness

In my ways this pen
has always found a reason
to find itself in between
my hands.

Sometimes I take the time
to ask if this is it,
when truth rushes in
to fill my spirit as ink swirls
upon my skin.

I am not afraid of storms that breathe
into this poetry I write,
because all its winds lead me
to those places,
where I can feel.

Does a constant need
bring excitement
leaving us sailing away on songs
lying at the bottom of our hearts?
Is this the place
we roam?

A place where memories keep hoping
we will let them in
as they surround the years
rising to sing in a key
our voices never meant to sing again.

Do not tell me I break the rules
when I try and turn
the wheel of fate.
You know I will always be the one,
trying to fill the empty air
with song.

But tell me,
how does one close up emptiness
when it’s been there so long
even the world
thinks it’s part of the air
they breathe?

In my ways this pen wakes me,
gives me back my heart.
I find myself wondering
if I should sign my name,
or pour this emptiness I filled,
back into my pen
and part.

Copyright *Neva Flores @08/11/2011

As writers we pour our souls into our writing and sometimes we have to decide whether to share our soul or simply scrap the words we have written. Sometimes it is a hard decision to make.


Untying the Bonds from Our Wings

Is not comfort expressed
in what we look for everyday?
When our fingers move through fire
to untie the bonds from our wings
so we can become the form
of everything.

When old thoughts are found on pages
containing imaginary stairs
do we find that our eyes lie to us
about worlds we will find there?
Or do we just like those new beginnings
where all is well and fair?

Each day I tell you that I am not the one
who in time will disappear.
Yes, inside I move eagerly towards trust
and forwards I dive full into the sky.
But here with you,
I find to be most dear.

Night and day we climb hills to see the sun
and all its possibilities.
Yet we never blink an eye or stare
at the dreams visible to us all.
Perhaps, we are afraid to open the door
to our own imagination’s call.

Copyright *Neva Flores 08/11/2011


Heard On My Skin

When warm I love you’s join affection
our souls
cannot seem to say
it is time to go.
I can see
no journey’s end
that will ever prove to me
that forever
could ever think
of leaving this love
we stand by.

I hold on tight to your soul
even after
we say goodnight.
Inside my mind, I see visions
looking back at caresses
from your hands
and no door is closed
In my heart
containing any words written
you have not read.

Sometimes life feels like a river
flowing into the dawn
reaching beyond
any love song of passion
clinging to the clouds
I am in.
However, thoughts of you
sail me higher
and higher
into beautiful colors

I am left breathless when I see your hands
moving within the realms
of a thousand
I love you’s
yet to be said.
I can see no journey’s end
to this forever
I feel,
as one by one
they are heard on my skin.

Copyright *Neva Flores @08/05/2011


Left to Our Own Hands

We sought the faces of solitude
when the choice to battle
became our fate
until we became weary
of its demands.
Our blood passed away into
the understanding of the guardians,
who never left us alone
to our own hands.

Shadows swept into our borders,
holding a thousand
lonely caresses,
confessing patience and forgiveness
as regrets that stood alone.
Still, our hands sifted
through the golden sand
crying for the ocean
we call home.

The sound of breaking hearts
was heard in the wind,
creating rivers of blame to fill with tears.
Until a door was shut on daybreak
creating a sigh to glide
throughout the sweetness
that touched
upon our years.

Once again, we seek the faces of solitude
as chaos climbs the steps
of our tear-filled lands.
I wonder
if our blood will continue
to pass away into understanding,
if we are left
to our own hands?

Copyright *Neva Flores @08/03/2011


More Than I Can Say

I went looking for something different,
maybe embedded in the rooms
of other worlds.
Possibly feelings
contained in oceans,
from singing
romantic melodies.

I found skies running backward
and started asking myself
too many questions
about just how
I should be.
Then across my face
ran my inner child
and solved the mystery.

Under my feet, I stepped on syllables
I had charmed
into becoming a song
of the morning.
Just to watch them staring back
into the sea of my soul
on pages requiring nothing
from me.

I went looking for something different,
in complete curiosity.
What I found was a flower
unwinding each petal
into the light
of day.

Embedded in the rooms of other worlds
there are winds
that imprint pleasure in shades
that cry out to the ego
in sudden breaths
and feelings
contained in oceans
burning brighter
than anything I have
ever said.

Copyright *Neva Flores @08/02/2011


If I Could Paint the Sky

I could never say
I would like for you to be stronger
than the wind or rain.
You sparkle
even when raging tempests
are knocking
on the door of time.

I can hear passion in your voice
when you tell me
you remember
how I sang I love you
in your ear
and called you my Muse
that whispers words of love
over my shoulder.

I look into the window of your soul
see my own
smiling back happily
in the reflection of a mirror
that ripples stronger
every day.
I can see myself there
still singing to you
within this art
I write in my tears
of joyful rain.

If a painting of the skies could open up
a tidal wave of hidden emotions
that would change life for the better,
I would learn
how to paint for you.
Then you could breathe in
how I feel
when you touch me
each time
you look at my painting again.

I would never expect you to be stronger
than the wind or rain
and I know you don’t expect me
to paint the sky.
So for now
I will write the words of love
you whisper over my shoulder
and sing I love you,
in your ear
until the day
I die.

Copyright *Neva Flores @07/31/2011