Eddie OBryan photography

Presence of Warmth

I touched the presence of warmth on my pillow
it made me feel sure that I was safe,
went back to sleep smoother than my heartbeat.
Then I awoke to find myself hidden
behind memories of you.

Standing on the corner of never say no,
my feet are firmly planted
in I cannot say I am sorry.
Will I be the rock laying here asking myself
where I found this bitter pill
under my tongue?

Did I sleep while it rained on everything we ever had
until nothing but sand existed
inside all of these silent moments?
When bluebirds sang
about how the stars laugh
was I here drowning
in my pride?

I touched the presence of warmth on my pillow,
then I reached out to yours
felt the cold.
I lay here and listen to the rain
falling smoother than my heartbeat
I have never felt
so alone.

Copyright *Neva Flores @09/08/2011