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Dear Hannux, your blog is beautiful and I love seeing your smiling face when you visit mine.


Language of Desire

Finding myself within a language
that lives inside
the grain of spheres
containing spirits of desire.
My pulse raced with a freedom
not caring to resist
the deliciousness of fire.

I traveled through rooms
where love songs
echoed from the roar of lions.
Sometimes I wandered as a lady fair
who steadied herself
only to disappear
on the horizon.

Descending from speech,
each breath I took
was cast upon the swift currents
where hearts
are often drowned.
I came face to face with fire
collided safe and sound.

Can you hear the words I speak
in this language
known as the spirit of desire?
Does your pulse race
as my own,
not caring
to resist the fire?

Copyright *Neva Flores @08/31/2011


When Light Did Impart

Twisted within the East
we drank in silent footsteps
halfway between the days,
at least a thousand times.
Hidden inside our slumber,
visions of strength came into view,
through years unkind.

Pictures of sweetness
lay under everything we saw.
No second thoughts drifted
from our pillows.
Until we wandered into the rains
that fell from the shadowed eyes
of our unsung heroes.

Faded air from the West
turned corners,
began to shine upon our names.
We all confessed from our souls
as we watched storm clouds gather
at midnight,
heard in the sound of our shame.

Soft singing was heard
from the South
emptying love into all of our senses.
A sea of wild seeds
became an orchard of understanding;
storm clouds lifted
a thousand footsteps’ defenses.

Great treasure came from the North
bringing heaven’s hope
quietly to fill the holes in our hearts.
Our souls all became
transparent as glass as we drank
in new strength
when light did impart.

Copyright *Neva Flores @08/30/2011


Shadows Seek My Eden

I know of something acquainted
with the nearest shadows
seeking to stand in my Eden.
Seen as flames
my footsteps have gone from this world
I no longer taste their freedom.

The cold hard ground checks my validation,
keeps me here every day.
Beautiful places like that of my Eden
make passion felt even more,
losing the mask of my face,
slip sliding away.

All the beautiful seals are removed from my bells.
However, I still hear them ring.
My feet once danced as unbound flames
in my lovely Eden.
Until shadows sprang from pages
and began to sing.

Moments are erased revealing thoughts,
opening the heart
when the earth hangs on a day’s silence.
Questions rise then crumble
into the nearest shadow’s hands that fight
my splendid Eden’s wildness.

Copyright *Neva Flores @08/28/2011



I am chasing rhythms, following time,
waking up with the night
on my skin.
My eyes promise skies
full of satisfaction
diving into waves of desire
again and again.

Copyright *Neva Flores @08/26/2011


Moving Within Your Arms

I searched for release
looking at arms saying move
within the magic of me.
Morning brought flames of reason
down to earth
to walk a long road of trust
filling empty spaces
I could see.

Certainly, as love has a rhythm
and my lips knew the pleasure
it bestowed.
Holding in the sound
was much more than I could bear
and nothing would keep me
to feel its flow.

I found a companion
who lit a fire under heartbreak
until it drifted
into a twilight unknown.
Awakening the child inside me
to breathe in a new brightness
of peace,
heartbreak was gone.

You are where I found release, never hesitating
to give enough to fill the empty spaces
with trust.
Certainly, as love has a rhythm
my lips are bound
to the flow,
move within your arms,
I must.

Copyright *Neva Flores @08/25/2011


Taste of You

The bond between us
does not quite speak to the stars
as precious carvings
but as seeds of happiness.
Here you see me in thought
rearranging reflections inside a message
held in glass.

Far away I hold my breath
then let it out to chase dream-filled sleep.
Soft sighs escape
streaming through the night
in shells of kisses
moving ultimately to form this lovely
smile I keep.

Quivering inside my dreams
are elaborate colors
that dance on my tongue.
I taste them as whispers of you.
The bond between us does not quite
Speak to the stars, but here
in my dreams is sung.

Copyright *Neva Flores @08/22/2011

Tate Morgan – A beautiful friendship damaged by the hurt of competition and envy. Love can and will conquer all. Time can and will heal the wounds inflicted.


Wrapped Around Instinct

A shifting veil of shadows
filled my vision
as if requiring breath aimlessly.
I drew fire into my veins
as my suitor,
when I sought out release.

Looking down upon the back
of my fingers
Warm contentment followed hopefully.
Picking up my hand,
understanding flamed
this fire in me.

A caress pledged half a dream.
Bit my lip suggestively.
Sweet and gentle touches
became phantoms
of hope,
welcoming in, seductive pleas.

Instinct wrapped around a veil
of shadows.
Found everything ever wanted.
Desire left kisses
on my brow,
whispered cries that taunted.

My soul gazed pleasures
state of mind,
took a deep breath of me.
Drawing fire into my veins
as my suitor,
I gave myself…shamelessly.

Copyright *Neva Flores @08/21/2011


Yesterday’s Hours Lie Unread

That I might sit
by the window waiting to live
all my days
on the edge of this
I write.
Within the quality of a voice
falling on every word
I hear in my heart,
full of colorful passion and light.

By me, many things
still breathe
encircling to rise inside
meanings I find
when waking,
bringing tears of joyful destiny.
Their beauty reveals who I am
in blissful shades
of ink-filled ecstasy.

These true feelings run deep
waves sweetly falling
from the hands
of my muse.
This I have always known.
Reflecting sudden stirrings
of my mood in winds
that move these hands
of my own.

Should I become something new
perhaps a silent beauty
sitting here
mulling words over in her head.
Questioning tomorrow
before discovering
yesterday’s hours still lie

Copyright *Neva Flores @08/21/2011