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If I Could Paint the Sky

I could never say
I would like for you to be stronger
than the wind or rain.
You sparkle
even when raging tempests
are knocking
on the door of time.

I can hear passion in your voice
when you tell me
you remember
how I sang I love you
in your ear
and called you my Muse
that whispers words of love
over my shoulder.

I look into the window of your soul
see my own
smiling back happily
in the reflection of a mirror
that ripples stronger
every day.
I can see myself there
still singing to you
within this art
I write in my tears
of joyful rain.

If a painting of the skies could open up
a tidal wave of hidden emotions
that would change life for the better,
I would learn
how to paint for you.
Then you could breathe in
how I feel
when you touch me
each time
you look at my painting again.

I would never expect you to be stronger
than the wind or rain
and I know you don’t expect me
to paint the sky.
So for now
I will write the words of love
you whisper over my shoulder
and sing I love you,
in your ear
until the day
I die.

Copyright *Neva Flores @07/31/2011


Spirit of A Thousand Winds

I thought I had told you, I have never
loved someone like this,
or felt the touch of a spirit
like a thousand winds
wrap around my moments in this way.

Look me in the eye and taste the passion
of this wine that pours from my heart.
You will then know the chemistry
that makes up the rhythm of truth
in these words I speak to you.

Listen to how much easier the rain falls
because we hear calmer waters
when we sail on the river
of our sweetest emotions.

I thought you knew how I dream
of drawing the curtains of love’s intoxication
across our windows
and calling off our search for different skies.
I was sure you understood
how my fingertips trace one hundred places
on your face that I love more each time
I seek them out with my eyes.

I thought I had told you,
I have never loved someone like this,
but perhaps I merely spoke these words in my mind.
So I tell you now, I speak them aloud,
to let there be no questions
running in the meadow of everything we feel.
I have never loved anyone
as I love you.

Take my hand
and let’s draw the curtains
of love’s intoxication across our windows.
Let us shut out the world
and sail on the river of our sweetest emotions.
I will trace those places on your face
that I adore with all I am.
Come wrap me in your spirit
of a thousand winds.

Copyright *Neva Flores 07/29/2011


Capturing Visions

Oh how we wished to capture visions
drink love from altars
where we shared those nights
so sweet.
To chase away those hours
when heartbreak regarded our affection
from places deeper than days
that could not
look inside our needs.

The rain knows how we tenderly searched
for sun lying dormant
when nothing said goodbye
Even though
we welcomed hands building walls
around our Troy
Neither of us could see our own faces
or recognize
the heart we should know
before our own eyes.

Copyright *Neva Flores 07/28/2011


When I Am Away From You

A normal day, I think not, when I am away from you.
This is when my heart races
and I talk too much with my eyes.
Who sees the places that wake up the world
when I walk beside you?
Even ancient stars stare subtlety in silence
at the easy way my thoughts exude
sweet memories of you.

Where are the little rooms where flowers blossom
when I look into the looking glass
that whispers love travels
between you and me?
Why is it when I look into the back of my mind
I find I am drinking in the essence of you
until I am filled with a happiness
full of color that takes
my breath away.

A normal day, I think not, when I am away from you.
Shade may cover the sun
but the memory of your eyes
sings the light back to me.
My beloved, the mere mention of your name
on my lips
takes away any restless shadows
that try and pass into my heart
you see.

You are inside of me as love splashed on the canvas of my day.
It makes no difference if my hand touches your own.
A normal day, I think not,
when I am away from you,
but I know,
I am never alone.

Copyright *Neva Flores @07/26/2011


Creation Ends in Done

A branch from the future is felt deep in your heart, I feel it, so can you
My body knows it’s not just another day, others lay to come
Creations cry to return home to the scent of a lazy summer sun
Telling me, when I walk in verses, I will never again be numb

My head feels waves that crash, so do you, they play in words of love
I go back, breathe in their essence, but silence is never won
A miracle of comfort reigns within the benefit of a verse’s promise
Celebrated by washing over you when creation ends in done

Closer now I feel a perfect picture filling my mind’s eye, and so do you
We are witnesses here waiting as instruments to be played
To finally be looked upon with the same wonder that awakens
Marching feet that welcome the music of a verse’s parade

Have I said it all with a gracefulness more elegant than the stars above
Inspired you to pick up your pen and perhaps write with me
Will you take hold of the branch you feel deep within your heart
Creation is crying out to you, I hear it blowing in the breeze

Copyright *Neva Flores @07/26/2011

Dedicated to my new friend Laurie – Dynamic-Polarity

She is a book and I love to read her pages…..poetry by Craig Froman


Beyond What is Mentioned

You are there beyond what is mentioned when I rise from my chair
And predicting the future seems to always end in futility
I could walk with you through all these words that are foreign
But would I find I was burning in unutterable possibilities

Anticipation you cannot see in my stride when I move vaguely along
Plainly oblivious to all the grass growing under my feet
You see me breathing slowly and wonder how soon I will fly
Into phrases more pleasing than tasting honey is sweet

A temporary distance runs in a curve beyond what is mentioned
Your eyes seize the fire from half-truths you can hear
Present moment is held in nameless rooms hid in the dark
Where you try to read notes I penned for you there

I move vaguely along to plant footsteps that lead to my heart
Creating a path to free your own from this distance
I am not oblivious to the grasses growing under my feet
When I rise from my chair, I am anticipating a change
In our existence

Copyright *Neva Flores @07/25/2011

Within the Reach of My Two Arms

Within the reach of my two arms, my world is exhilarating
The earth knows I understand, why it turns
Gone, are all mere fantasies, perhaps just as well
One kiss and I saw smoke, felt the fire burn

My thoughts went out searching for God’s desire for me
On the edges of eventually and pretty soon
Found a star that sang this song into all my views
Until all that remained inside of me was you

Let me show a thousand waves from a life of happiness
A kingdom looking back in wondrous bliss
I wish to sit awhile, not speak, and just watch the tide
Stray from a few words, awakening a kiss

A piece of life’s hair is let down listening to this song
Never reaching shadows that dance along
Yet, it enters the rooms within my sight and brings
You, into the reach of my two arms
Regardless of whether
Right or wrong

© 2011 Neva Flores – Changefulstorm


Tall Green Grasses

We found that tall green grasses kissed our words
when you and I walk together.
Distance could not strip away warmth
from weary ghosts.

Love’s beautiful thoughts sweetly entered in to wash
over too many night’s realizations.
Easy winds charmed our evening’s cries
existence sighed.

We found refuge writing I love you one hundred ways
with yearning hands, silken moves.
Muses smile above the tall green grasses
thus defying logic.

Love’s beautiful thoughts, touching tall green grasses
Appreciating our words with kisses
Where we found refuge writing I love you
all existence sighs.

Copyright *Neva Flores @07/18/2011

“A word so beautiful is still unsaid” Every word of this beautiful poem touched me deeply. When you have spent all of your poetic days trying to write the words to explain the depth of love that you feel for someone as I have…….you cannot help but feel these words in the caverns of your very soul.