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Becoming Diamonds – Promises Lie Half Asleep

We will rest by the stream in the pages of my letters to you
Worshiping footsteps that fall where no one sees
Waking in the tall grass where promises lie half asleep
Calming in their desire to keep our restful peace

Nothing compares to remembering our kisses, all lit aflame
Never lost to the sight of this woman in my mirror
Invading as a dancing ghost who has stolen truth’s candy
To eat when your presence I still find much dearer

A faint voice combs my hair with a sea of joy for my taking
With no rules to govern our destiny or our fate
Brimming with gems dyed in the sunlight of elements
Seen as crystals leaving stars in their wake

The laws of the moon we can hold in a bowl full of love
Waltzing as young lovers with hearts agleam
Under a hand-written sign of words that steal away
Any idea of what gravity holds and means

There was never one soul that could float on air alone
After passing the doors to gaze upon love
Without feeling cold when outside of the embrace
Of what has been written in the stars above

We will rest by the stream in the pages of my letters to you
Let the earth witness what only our two hearts see
To wake in the tall grass where promises lie half asleep
Becoming the diamonds we were meant to be

Copyright *Neva Flores @06/13/2011


Designated to Melt in Resistance

Different shades lie in secret above what I hoped to see
Yet the lights are out and I am free to please
The air holds forgiveness and waters all that I speak
Gathers in puddles surrounding my heartbeat

Your hands wait for the life we share to touch our despair
To find a place to glimpse what comes and goes
Hid from our sight is everything that is not quite real
Held there steadily waiting for the curtains show

The night ripples and we look into a fire to find warmth
From a time where we had reason to melt snow
‘Till we became bounded by what we hated and loved
To walk these shores of what we already know

Between my hands and yours lies all of our satisfaction
Where our hearts beat silently together as one
Different shades are unleashed to lie on the outside
Of what I hoped to see in the reality of none

With unfeeling bodies we created a world of our own
Full of empty fields with no gates of access
Fluctuation could be a pleasure if found eventually
With both of us openly filled, feeling blessed

Are brown and blue, shades we could charm with smiles
In our feeble attempts to stain their surface
Until the sound of our voices was spun into living
Side by side as these shaded colors of us

Do we struggle to admit we are haunted as we listen
To what is hidden that we do not understand
Lost as we attempt to free ourselves with scissors
Designated to melt in resistance in our hands

Copyright *Neva Flores @06/15/2011


Steam – Respite In the Essence of Air

She filled your air pretending to be life-giving water
Now you know that she is fire
Clouding your vision of the world around you
She traded your dreams for her desires

She watched with pleasure as you pushed away all
To give her your undivided attention
Finding fault in every move that you made
Leaving you with no honorable mention

Her warmth and beauty holds you under her spell
Stubbornly calling your thirst benign
For what now seems like forever a day and a year
Yet, of her life-giving water there is no sign

Now you find yourself longingly staring into the air
Seeking a tall cool glass of respite
To quench your thirst and refresh your dry spirit
Restoring your dreams to your sight

Continue seeking life-giving water with great patience
Breathe in with the utmost vigilant care
In a vessel of a warrior fearless and wise
You will find respite……………
In the essence of air

Copyright *Neva Flores @08/09/2010

So lovely!


I Have Waited As a Bird

My sky yields heroes of long ago, felt as strange sensations
They take control of all I have ever known to be
With eyes that watch what comes this way
From those faces my sun cannot see

Memories of them lie anchored above a line of tangled trees
With branches full of doves of hope that softly sing
Lingering declarations into the light of dawn
In their perfect campaign, voices ring

I have waited as a bird in a cage who dreams to freely fly
Here sleeping while the world moves me to wake
By dipping a pen into the ink of my veins
Creating outlines for me to take

My restless heart beats swift, echoes sweetly into my sky
Into the breezes that yield my heroes of long ago
To come take control of all I know to be
Help me to discover what is so

I have been here as a shadow poured into a secret cage
Calling on fate and chance to come and rescue me
My heroes of long ago never held the key
I could fly if the sky I would just see

Copyright *Neva Flores @06/07/2011

There are those of us who are in perfect physical and mental health who do not even begin to flow with the beauty and peace that this woman does. She is an inspiration above and beyond.


When Life Began to Dance

When life began to dance and tell the names of me and you
Heaven was met at the threshold of blessings
A waterfall of souls beat an eternal tune that was given
On the beautiful eve of our love’s confession

A seed began growing as a reminder of passion’s flame
Thankful incense smiled, quietly burned
Our line of sight passed into a mist filled with love
Few have ever felt, but for, deeply yearn

Into the air shapes of thought became as tender voices
Deeply settling into our hearts forevermore
They whispered into the dance of life with a pleasure
That sweetly opened the reasons we are for

Whirls of wonder welcomed a constant round of forever
The stars knew our hands must be joined
And we were led to sing the verses of a lovely song
A melody, only heaven could have coined

Copyright *Neva Flores @2011

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I Only Shine Within His Shadow

By shade he lives under a pond of glass
Shallow memories sigh in the night
A glistening body of crystallized laughter
A new man, purified by light

On some occasions, he will wear a face
With a smile that twists to the East
‘Cause his thoughts are misunderstood
His eyes dance like his feet

Sadly, there is no proof known of his birth
The chapters are frozen in time
Yet, like a tall ship, he blazes a path
In the moonlight of my mind

He is handsome my memory writes out loud
Since I was small, I knew his name
I am only able to shine within his shadow
Yet, I love him all the same

Copyright *Neva Flores @2011

Know Peace

Know Peace – Poetry Video By Mysticdave


Fault Found Without Mention

Lost in reasons I spoke without thinking, sometimes we cannot see
Those waves we want to believe, for darkness all around
Corners of the universe are not known at birth
And the world refuses to give up space
For all your name surrounds

Maybe if we just sighed for one second instead of crying for a new life
What seems to be disabling could remake the bed we made
I thought I was painting a heaven into our world
One that could hold away every hurt
At least make bruises fade

Inside of shells we stand on hills and look up to the heavens above
Wondering if our destiny ripples as each day breaks anew
Yet we love just the same despite the inevitability
That suddenly shouts from every doorway
We afforded to walk through

Lost in reasons I spoke without thinking, sometimes we cannot see
The battles that laugh nervously for a bit of our attention
Corners of the universe are not known at birth
Yet the stars in our eyes can be infinite
In fault found without mention

Copyright *Neva Flores @2011