Kneeling Down In Time

Knelt down in time, who can say, that life is not forever glowing
Without doing a full circle inside spaces in their mind
When circumstances do question the proudest man’s sight
On amazing nights, when the full moon is his to find

Can the bottom of your heart get tangled up in winds that stay
Then step inward to wonder why the sky’s not blue
As those thoughts and desires from that one minute past
Softly trickle drop by drop and hold on tight to you

Is this the way it’s always been, just how the deep sea roars
When unexpected words leave nothing but replies
That softly caresses everything you cannot look upon
Even though you hear it whisper in another’s eyes

Are they never to be thought of, or even touched by our hearts
Without doing full circles inside spaces in our minds
When circumstances question the proudest man’s sight
Will he come untangled, kneeling down in time

Copyright *Neva Flores @06/16/2011