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Painting in Colors of Love

Let me cradle your body in a promise that tumbles over the moon
When your life tends to be surrounded by a deep stillness
That leaves you wondering if you even know your destination
Or if calm waters your heart will find, or wander aimless

Let my words seep into the soil of your spirit as flaming arrows
Floating into your fears and so quickly piercing your skin
Until you can look at me and not be divided within your soul
Or be consumed by the places where emptiness begins

Let me ignite your dreams under a blanket of whirling passion
Sway your heart with eyes that paint in colors of love
So you will not remember this deep stillness that surrounds
Aimlessly wandering within your thoughts held thereof

Come and rest on the rock of memories forgotten long passed
While we look into the wilderness of each others soul
Until you can look at me and know we are not to be divided
Dive into these calm waters of mine and become whole

Copyright *Neva Flores @06/29/2011


On the Shores of Creation

We would meet on the shores of creation and walk among the grasses
Embracing the beginning of wondering, while knowing of the fall
From the corners of our being we could see the very key
That fits in the places where alone comes to call

We could hear the brimming hearts drifting full of wishes and secrets
Perhaps holding treasures on winds which spun with courage
Knowing something was amiss where the sky met grace
As they asked, is this love, our eyes find so curious

Rain signs its name on our tender hands, setting fire with its touch
As a distant star sings out that there is fire in healing waters
A thousand thoughts become the body of our stories
Wherein all darkness finds the light that matters

Between seasons, moments held hands with what is and can be
And I believe that perfection sent messages to you and me
When we met on creation’s shore to walk in grasses
We were held in the arms of our own destiny

Copyright *Neva Flores @06/28/2011


Outside the Circle of Stones

I have wandered into an amazing sight, with movement at will
Lying behind a long sleep of my pure listening breath
Clouds break forth that were once charming
In all their melancholy words of patterned distress

Much kinder skies press lightly against the chest of my spirit
Life encased in silken petals, exiled now from grief
Just to know the touch of a healing heart
Has become home to rushing waters that seeped

I sit in a room containing a subtle touch of my future dreams
That I believed did not exist outside of mere images
Are they apparitions that dare lie to me now
Come to lick my wounds with beckoning messages

Sweet joy scatters where cold arrows of fragility once flew
Amid numberless embraces introduced with care
Shining on ripples of pain, bringing change
Into the one breathing space where I now stare

Now I stand inside a circle of stones with my eyes closed
Surrounded by possibilities with qualities that spin
I am now quickly approaching faith anew
Inspiration to step outside this room once again

Copyright *Neva Flores @06/25/2011


Words Have Eyes That Sing

Do you turn away from eyes that sing on nights filled with emotion
Never wondering if you could drown in your imagination
Without understanding all the poetry that dances in your heart
Warming words of choice, in your tongue of fascination

Do your hours exist in a sky familiar with moments such as these
Is there nowhere to look for heaven free of possession
Where words do not cry out to be contemplated by your pen
To become lovely music giving light to your obsession

Can one learn to be absent from this transparent house of glass
And remove this flowing ink that runs within their veins
Still breathe without giving out a subtle handful of their soul
Each time a word calls out to be painted in a refrain

I cannot turn from eyes that sing on nights filled with emotion
My heaven is this possession in which I freely drown
You may not understand the poetry dancing in my heart
Still I will write, until I become dust, in the ground

Copyright *Neva Flores @06/21/2011

What a story…….


Disguise of An Inferno

My dreams burst slowly into entities that wake the sands of time
On those nights when I meet intricately woven memories
I find admiration inside of a shameless delicate need
Upon a shrine created by gentle eyes to please

I never knew an inferno could be disguised in the sweetest music
Entwined within the pleasant taste of a foreign darkness
Full of such wonder that walks alone and unplanned
Leaving me with no escape or want of release

Have I been shrouded in a pretentious cloud of helpless feelings
Where I sweetly drown in your conquering ocean of bliss
Softly tossed by symphonic waves of your voice
That sings into my delicate need of your kiss

Yet, no metallic notes burst into my dreams or this song I hear
I am not denied in the unfolding of your unearthly wings
Enter into this room where I now dream of you
My inferno of memories I kiss as I sing

Copyright *Neva Flores @06/19/2011


How Long Can You Hold Your Breath

Breathe, when thunder questions how long you can hold your breath
When clouds bring you to remember
all of your mistakes
You will find inspiration,
a drop of water
to quench your thirst
The light in your eyes will shine
as calmness you remake

Breathe, when your mind loses touch
with the static of your energy
When there seems to be no lantern
to light your way
You will begin to paint that picture
of a sun which shines again
Watching joy
run happily through the halls
of your day

Breathe, when no happiness can you seem
to ever find in your heart
When everything makes you feel
worn down and hungry
You will begin to feel better
in knowing that all hope
is not lost
Roses will bloom, in the grand design,
of your victory

Breathe, when you cannot remember
the lessons you have learned
When all you can think about are the wolves
at your door
Soon, your spirit will find comfort
in a quiet solace there at play
Wondering……………what you were ever
holding your breath in for

Copyright *Neva Flores @06/19/2011


Kneeling Down In Time

Knelt down in time, who can say, that life is not forever glowing
Without doing a full circle inside spaces in their mind
When circumstances do question the proudest man’s sight
On amazing nights, when the full moon is his to find

Can the bottom of your heart get tangled up in winds that stay
Then step inward to wonder why the sky’s not blue
As those thoughts and desires from that one minute past
Softly trickle drop by drop and hold on tight to you

Is this the way it’s always been, just how the deep sea roars
When unexpected words leave nothing but replies
That softly caresses everything you cannot look upon
Even though you hear it whisper in another’s eyes

Are they never to be thought of, or even touched by our hearts
Without doing full circles inside spaces in our minds
When circumstances question the proudest man’s sight
Will he come untangled, kneeling down in time

Copyright *Neva Flores @06/16/2011


On the Knees of Madness

Pass away until you are consumed by all that makes you burn
Appearing connected to a fate that whispers no
Does your breath ever return to catch in your throat
Like the ocean floor, with nowhere else to go

Strangely we serve that which we speak from our tongues
On the knees of madness that shine in moonlight
Touched by loneliness that is born from the struggle
To stand up and dance or to swiftly take flight

Beneath what is recognized as the finest of our gentle senses
Lies the difference between desire that is spoken
And the waking knowledge of that which you ache for
Charging forward to unearth all of your emotion

Jealousy in time can sink her fangs deep into our bodies
Leaving us uprooted and deeply overwhelmed
Creeping as a climber in a sad victory of mourning
Celebrating her victim in an oh so deadly realm

Pass away until you are consumed by all that makes you burn
Enter in with no stain of overwhelming jealousy
Do not be touched by the loneliness of a sad victory
Up from the knees of madness, run to me

© 2011 Neva Flores – Changefulstorm


Crashing Over Understanding

Crashing over understanding that spreads images with an open hand
Looking through frightened eyes that fate has up and tasted
The tenderness that teases is felt in the weeping wind
But only for those waiting lips not yet painted

What if we knew in our hearts that what remains wrapped around us
Is living within the warmth of our skin as a voice that plays
Those audible choices that live to quicken our senses
And rise up to us now in an endless gaze

Impossibilities come by in the distance, holding out greedy fingers
As instruments that would fall in love with a heart of stone
And the catch of the day, is whatever can be done
With a misguided love, one never owns

Yet no one gets tangled in an answer that pleases their heart
It does not really help if you offer your voice of dissent
Their own understanding is all they can ever see
Leave them be, perhaps it was meant

Copyright *Neva Flores @06/14/2011