Who You Were – Stolen Like a Thief

With silent words you scream aloud upon the pages like broken glass
Ruined relationships sigh like dark winds and kiss me hard
Can you not rise up from the plains of your misunderstandings
Take this opportunity to hold your pen’s tongue
In a higher form of regard

Among these dark trodden flowers there is much for you to lose
Do you wish to be remembered by your mind’s reflection
To reveal the finest flavor of your poet’s dreams and desires
Or have your feelings of resentment be analyzed
By our future generations

Your silent words will dance aloud upon the pages of your history
Listen to them screaming out to you to for some relief
More sudden than a mere thought can race across your mind
Your silent words will become part of the future
Who you were, stolen like a thief

© 2011 Neva Flores – Changefulstorm

*We read the poetry of classic poets and we hold them in high regard. We form opinions of them as people by what we read. When we write about each other in the heat of anger our words are forever. How do you wish to be remembered?