Apart From the You and I

All of you, will I ever find it? Is my life the only thing concrete
I just want to free you, break down all your barriers
When the moon hangs high above temptation’s broken hope
Experience does not make me love you any less
As hours, pass into nothingness

I have never been one to bring an offering of a better life
Yet when appointed I know that I must lead
If we combine our love apart from the you and I
We could smile as anyone else awakened
Let all our pride be damned

A person is like a sweet flower growing from the sidewalk
Carrying risk as it valiantly waves and stands
If you bid farewell because you are sad and angry
You will surely lose the greatest token
In this concrete flowerbed

All of you, will I ever find it? Within this happiness called my life
I am barely alive apart from the love of you and me
A sameness slides over everything we are and wish to be
Tracing patterns around your flowers growing
Here in my concrete free

Copyright *Neva Flores @2011