Heart of Being

A look was cast, so you and I could drink existence
From an overflowing cup of starry nights
Faintly quickening the pulse of our essence
Telling new beginnings
To take flight

They say nothingness and being, know not why they are
Yet they share in existence just the same
Does this mean one is full of wisdom, taking him so far
When asked, he cannot
Recall his name

Entwined in our existence are strong yearnings just to be
Determining where our gaze strays within
Making it possible to be, more than we ourselves can see
If we drink from this cup
Once again

A look was cast, so you and I could find the heart of being
We held on to in nothingness the same
Will you drink from the overflowing cup I am seeing
Gaze within and still recall
My name?

Copyright *Neva Flores @11/07/2010