Hush the Crimson

Crimson fades away into a sensation of touch
As silence reigns admissibly
Courage stakes a privileged claim insomuch
As to become known as chivalry

Existence of noble-spiritedness speaks of gentle blue
Drifting in on courtesy divine
Magnificent to behold, never given quite its due
Delicious as a fruit
Upon a vine

Majestic is the profile of chivalrous comportment
Daring held within a gentle sign
A quietness that speaks to hush the detriment
Stirring among the crimson
In my mind

Crimson fades away, hushed by your presence
Upon your gentle blue I feed
Your gracious strength completes my essence
Silently you consume
All crimson shades
In me

© 2010 Neva Flores – Changefulstorm