Persuasion of the Crown

In a cold world that fell to the persuasions of a crown
Their lights went out aside the other way
Feeling a primal wish of renown
They looked up into the sky
To find a brighter day

It was said that they pulled a string along the ages
Dipped cautiously into the stars above
Slipped open the locks on cages
Filled everything that could be felt inside
With love

A drift of a thousand years had cursed them with a fate
Bitten into everything they had become
Yet when filled with love’s update
The sweetest glances filled their hearts
And they succumbed

Constrained like trees they waited, bending in the wind
Truthfully their hearts never bowed
Into the fields they were born once again
Tall and straight, free and proud
Released were they
From the crown

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010