Immeasurable Force

It has kindled all by the force of its immeasurable depth
Leaving friendly feet lathered with foam
Never losing a single breath
On the sandy beaches
Where it roams

You can hear it speak in the sound of crashing joy
A thousand thoughts rushing your way
Endurance so alive and beautiful
In an accent understood
As displayed

A voice, which woos winged creatures to dip and dive
Bravely leave their mothers side
Traces of murmurs of harm
All leave their hearts
As they glide

What wonderful treasures lie beneath this force I see
All those secrets vehemently call out to be heard
Time stands still in my fast running day
As I am charmed by this voice
Crashing out to me

I thrill at the hope of time never passing away again
To always, behold these sights and sounds
My friendly feet lathered in the foam
Of this immeasurable force
I have found

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010