My Garden

A tear fell on a page of random thoughts whispering to me
Fascinating songs in harmony made me their slave
I took the best of all that my eyes could see
Then watched the sunset burn
What I could not save

I plucked a crimson rose and changed its shade to blue
To flood my soul with words deeply sweet
Oh, how my heart leaped at each queue
Telling me, I had accomplished
My feat

I reached for those stars shining brilliantly up above
Turning away from every smile, I met
Watched the weeds take over my garden of love
As tending to each flower
I did forget

Little pools now form on every page of random thoughts
Each line has slowly faded from my view
Those brilliant stars that I sought
Almost made me forget
My love for you

I now listen to the harmony of the songs that softly play
While holding to the best, which is thee
I smile back at every single face, met along my way
Swiftly removing every weed
From my garden
I can see

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010