First Day of Forever

You could paint a picture
In your mind
Of the twelfth of Never
Hold those roses
In your hand
Now, until forever

Ask….yourself, who’s to blame
Then kiss
Our love……..goodbye

What do you see, when you look
At your pretty painting?
Do smiles or tears
In your mind?

Then paint a picture in your mind
Of the first day of Forever
Put down those roses
Place your hand
In mine

Ask…yourself, with no shame
If you want to kiss
Our love…..goodbye

I will tell you what I see
When I look
At your pretty painting
I see forever
Staring, back at me

I can only hear the sweet echoing
Of the love I see there
In your eyes
I don’t wish to ever leave your side
Or kiss
Our love……goodbye

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010