Who Am I?

Disappointment rang in with sadness and frustration
Nothing expected was wrought
Disenchanted with everything within my perception
My purpose in life, I sought

Optimistically expectant, I rode out with confidence
Anticipating, such incredible joy
Seeking my purpose with an immense vigilance
Forgetting life is supposed to be enjoyed

Rapidly, I found myself disgusted in my constant quest
For what my purpose in life is to be
Exasperation set in, along with extreme unrest
Until, an angry red, was all I could see

Amazed and confused, I found myself taken aback
Wondering, how I became so angry
Watching my happiness slip through the cracks
Of my unfortunate quandary

I looked in the mirror, straight into my own eyes
A stranger looking back I could see
Decided first, I needed to try her on for size
To find, what my purpose, should be

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010