Pink Satin Roses

He thought pink satin roses held the gold on her hand
Dried all the tears from her eyes
Reminded her of kisses, erased the force of his hand
Made amends, for all of his lies

For years, we all watched the light dying in her eyes
He thought roses put the glow back in
Reminded her of whispers and soft midnight sighs
Brought him forgiveness, and her love again

Completely shattered and bruised, outside and in
She accepted each rose he displayed
Knowing he never knew, the damage carried within
The heart, he had broken and played

Tonight, he brought home pink satin roses once again
The gold band on her hand to save
However, this time, she will not be forgiving his sins
When we place them, at the foot, of her grave

© 2010 Neva Flores – Changefulstorm