A Message

Upon a chair of marble stone I sat and waited
For a message from my true love
Looking out in wonder at the stately mountains
Reaching up into the heavens above

My tender heart glowed with immense anticipation
I could hardly, contain the thrill
Therefore, I kept time from passing by so slowly
With my paper, ink and quill

All those seconds turned to scores of minutes
Minutes turned to countless hours
But found I could not write a single rhyming line
Too distracted by surrounding flowers

I could see tiny blooms of exquisite colors
Flowing around my marble chair
Of lavender, blushing pink and crimson glory
Smiling, from the softest grasses there

My writing instruments, I quickly set aside
To climb down from my marble chair
Never noticing a single page of unwritten words
Taking off into my waiting air

I picked all the tiny blooms of smiling faces
There beaming from the ground
Formed a lovely mixture of each of them
Upon my head, I placed this crown

Once again, I wait on my chair of marble stone
Before me, I see a lovely dove
Could the rose he holds there in his tiny beak
Be the message from my true love

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010