Suspended In Introspection

You sit quietly under the powerful tree of introspection
Looking inside your own soul
Seeking to find what you hold deep inside
Sacrificing precious time for it all

Not a single move do you make for hours on end
Watching the world pass you by
You see that old sun rise up in the morning
Never closing your eyes

Familiar faces and voices you know all to well
Pass right by your quiet space
However, you do not speak or nod your head
Although, you feel their eyes on your face

You hear the melodious sound of the birds in your tree
Singing their sweet, lilting song to you
You never think twice about moving along in the day
As you are still seeking to find the truth

The light of the radiant sun no longer visits you
He has went away to rest his eyes
Yet, he sent his friend the glorious moon to shine
To watch you from the midnight sky

Still there you sit in silence, looking inside yourself
Contemplating ever so quietly
Until the coolest breeze softly touches your face
Releasing your soul’s mysteries

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010