Incessant Inspiration

Never-ending, incessant inspiration, is welcomed by the hand
Sweetly held treasured from the very start
A silken caress of soothing persuasion, stirring the steady flow
Of your imagination, nestled gently in your heart

A release of cherished wonders, splendid in their course
Dignify the expression in their flow
With the breath of enticing bits of passionate emotion
Gratifying in their bliss, pleasing as they show

Deeply captivating is the gravitation to incessant inspiration
Ensnaring and hypnotizing the consenting soul
To express admiration with a measure of immense flourish
As an exhale of unrestrained emotion with no control

If you find you are intensely drawn into this sweet continuum
Of fascination gently rippling in the flow
Treasure the inspiration nestled gently in your heart
Express your imagination in the show

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010