Your Heart’s Violin

You softly whisper to yourself, love’s music ends right here
As you put away your tender heart’s violin
So utterly sincere in your resignation to quietly exist
To never play your heart’s violin again

You hear the sweetest music played around you every day
With no desire to join in with your own sound
So quietly existing in this world of your resignation
Such a sense of peace, you have found

Then one day when you awaken, the worlds a bit too still
You sit and wistfully stare at your heart’s violin
Think about your resignation and the peace you found within
And ever so quickly, you turn away again

The world keeps on a moving, not only quiet but so dark
No longer do you hear any music played
Makes you begin to wonder if this peace you’ve found within
Is also, what made the music fade

The solitude and peace found in this bittersweet release
Has now become your heart’s only friend
You resign to the fact that your violin you must play
If you want to hear the music once again

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010