Lonely Halls of Fame

Whoever would want a heart that does not belong to them
Is this not asking for a world of pain
A bittersweet induction into the hall of fame
Where lonely tears of sadness and regret are contained

Why ever do we long for the one who can never be our own
With the knowledge that their heart is not free
Perhaps we think in time we can change their mind
If our adoring heart, they will only see

There are so many lonely hearts existing in this world
Ever searching for someone to call their own
Now if they can ever catch the eye of the ones who cry
Perhaps neither one of them would have to be alone

If you happen just to find, your heart is one of these
Ever roaming these lonely halls of fame
Instead of wasting all your precious time in sadness and regret
Step out and find a heart that feels the same

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010