Not Mine To Give

I see your arms reach out to hold me in your sweet embrace
But I cannot lift my own to reach out to you
Your eyes smile into mine and I want so much to smile back
But the smile in my heart just does not reach

All these feelings that I know you have for me I can truly see
How I wish I could return the same to you
I see the love that shines from your eyes so brightly now
But my eyes cannot light up the same way too

Your heart you offer up to me in your unconditional way
With eyes that plead with me to give my love to you
But I am not able to reciprocate in turn
As I already loved another before I even knew your name

There has never been any cause to doubt in this heart of mine
That the love you offer to me would be so ever true
How I wish that I could return your love and your embrace
But my heart is not my own to give to you

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010