Wandering Soul

The shifting sands beneath my feet caress my wandering soul
Inciting in me the urge to roam and stray
Each grain invokes a message that whispers to my feet
Enticing me to visit untried places faraway

The warmest breezes brush my face and motivate me onward
To explore this world and see what I can find
Persuading me to listen as they sing into my senses
That just to stay here in this place, will keep me confined

I look up into the bluest skies and see a soaring eagle
And listen as I hear him bravely calling out to me
To follow in his path and look out through his eyes
Inviting me to fly so high and free

In these shifting sands of life I wander through each day
Taking step by step, come what may
I pray to always be motivated to explore untried spaces
And that my heart will never be lead astray

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010

Thank you Indigorock for the picture and the motivation for this one