Exasperated Dust

True confessions of the day, which never seem to end
Often bring deep shadows into light
When exasperating tales of how we crush each other’s spirit
We bring home to our loved ones and recite

To forget about the day and come home with just a smile
So often, we quickly forget that this we need to do
Instead, we bring the awful grief that has been left at our feet
Into our homes to rest upon the ones we love so true

Now I will be the first to admit that we all need a shoulder to cry upon
Someone to tell about the gist of our unpleasant day
Yet I think most would agree with me, if given a choice outright
That our homes should be a refuge, come what may

When you travel through the door of your most blessed home
Shake the exasperated dust of the day from your feet
Greet your loved ones with a smile and rest there for a while
Leave the worst of your day there on the street

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010