Moves of Wonder

The sweetest breath of morning has quickly
stolen into view
Such a lovely way
to bring in the start of day
When morning breaks
into your sleep
with the softest moves
Rushing in
takes your breath away

Softest moves escalate
into a frenzied touch of wonder
As the morning light
touches upon your face
Your world of sleep swiftly leaves
its place of rest
To keep in stride
with this onrush of pace

An atmosphere of stillness breaks
as wonder rushes in
Sweetly filling every open crevice
in your soul
A dreamlike state while wide awake
floods onto your skin
Intensity of the moment
takes control

Who could ever say in truth
and truly be alive
“This is no way to bring in
the morning’s glory”
To wake and look into the eyes
of the one you love
And feel the softest moves
of wonder
once again

© 2011 Neva Flores – Changefulstorm