Come walk along the cliffs of uncertainty
While you search for something delightfully new
There wrapped in an air of wondrous mystery you will find
Where your imagination can take you to

Softly cling to the shadows of infinity
Tenuously locked away in an unpredictable hue
Lost forever in a world that you can create
As you wander away with the moon

Radiantly shining like a bead of clear water
Such as a taste of the morning’s first dew
You can come away to this world and discover
How you can become a part of this too

Multi-colored butterflies will be dancing in the forest
Where the whippoorwills sing to the trees
In voices that light up the air so sweet
Like golden honey stolen from the hives of bees

Here the untamed sea can be seen forever
Stretching endlessly across it seems
And you can ride the crashing waves of ivory foam
While gliding on a current of dreams

The winds incessant voice will ring right through you
Whispering of the magical things to be seen
When you come away to this fair land of Eden
One must be prepared for most anything

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010