In The Quiet of the Morning

In the quiet of the morn when the world is still asleep
I stop and take time to contemplate on
This life of mine
And my soul it rejuvenates

I think about the wondrous things I’ve done
All the lovely places I’ve been
I see well loved faces long forgotten
And drift back in time again

I mourn the loss of time I wasted
As an unknowing youth
Wishing I could have known then what I know now
And had it over to do

I think about the wise choices I have made
Against all that I thought I wanted
And realize how thankful I am
That by those choices I’m not haunted

Then I drift back into the day I started in
And I begin my day anew
And I’m thankful for where and who I am
And how I got here too

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010